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Kundalini Activation is not Kundalini yoga or breathwork. This is an energy activation and transmission that requires only an act of surrender. You will lie down, shut your eyes, and together we activate your inner life force energy...​

Please read below for more information and Frequently Asked Questions.

More about Kundalini Activation

We, and everything around us, are made up of energy. It cannot be perceived, yet it flows everywhere and fuels our every physical, emotional, and biological move.

A Kundalini Activation is a natural system purification process that clears out energetic blockages and awakens your life force within. Blockages cause destructive issues in our physical and subtle bodies, which can lead to a decline in our mental, physical, and spiritual health.

During the session, whether in person or online, I will intuitively be drawn to the points of your blockages. I may touch (in person) or hover my hands above different chakras and meridian points. This will help clear the blocks to promote energy flow - like a powerful energetic massage.

During your session, you will tap into a deeper, truer version of you. You will lie down on a yoga mat, close your eyes, relax, and surrender. No force. No doing. No expectations. You will just be.

Once you are comfortable, I will play music specifically curated to help your energy flow. I will then create an energy vortex of intensified life force energy to which your own energy can immediately rise and attune.

The more you let go and witness what is happening without judgment during the session, the more your energy will activate and start to clear out your system.

After an hour, I will guide you back into the space, and you will have the opportunity to share your experience and ask questions. We will discuss the important process of reflecting upon and integrating your experience.

What to expect during your Kundalini Activation session?

Potential benefits of a Kundalini Activation session

Emotional Release: Relieving built up tension and unprocessed emotions from your physical and emotional system (sadness, anger, loneliness, heartbreak, joy).

Reduced Anxiety: Alleviating anxiety, easing a ruminating mind, and stopping the pattern of constantly being in fight or flight mode.


Physical and Emotional Healing: Circulating your healing life force energy which underlies and regulates digestion, blood flow, cellular growth, nervous system regulation, and more.

More Courage: Releasing fear and feeling more empowered and emboldened to lead your own path.

More Day-to-Day Energy: Experiencing enhanced mental clarity & creativity and more energy to exercise, be social, & work toward your goals.

Synchronicities: Attracting people, places, and ideas from a place of high vibration that align with what is right for you.

Shedding Stale Patterns: Noticing and letting go of habits, patterns, decisions and behaviors that are weighing you down and holding you back.

Feeling More Like You: Attuning to your body’s natural rhythm and innate knowing that you are safe, whole, and on the right path.

Not necessarily! Every session and individual experience is unique, and your body will only ever give you what you're ready to handle.


As your energy begins to flow in the AKA session, it will confront blockages in your system. If those blockages require physical release, your body may move, shake, or dance. When blockages are mental, you may may see colors or visions.


You may experience any or all of the following:


* Spontaneous movements

* Visions/knowings

* Euphoric states

* Emotional releases (joy, anger, sadness)

* Flowing energy sensations

* An urge to sing, hum, or speak


Each session will be different for everyone. Some people will be immediately sensitive and activated, while a small percentage of people might need a few sessions to open up. Each session builds off of the last, just as going to the gym regularly helps build continual growth of your muscles.


But whether you have a strongly noticeable experience or very subtle sensations in your session, know the process is always working. Sometimes, you may feel its effects more potently in the days and weeks after the session.

Will my body shake like I've seen other people do in videos?

Does this work online?

Yes! Without getting into the quantum mechanics of it all, AKA does indeed work online.

In person and online energy sessions are equally effective if you remain open and receptive.

Some people find online sessions more powerful because being in their own chosen environment helps them let go. Others have a preference for in person sessions and feel the physical touch catalyzes a bit more intensity. Ultimately, it's all a matter of personal preference!

- Eat lightly on the day of your session, and do not eat in the 2-3 hours beforehand (otherwise your energy will be focused on digestion)


-No caffeine, alcohol or other substance the day of your session

-Avoid alcohol and meat in the days prior if possible

-Wear comfortable, loose clothing (and make sure you will warm enough)

-On Zoom, please have your mat set up before the call and make sure I can see you head to toe

-Before your session, try stretching, exercising, dancing, or deep breathing to help open up your energy

-Release your expectations and prepare to observe whatever unfolds for you without judgment

How do I prepare for a session?

What do you mean, life force energy?

Everything is made up of energy, and our internal life force energy is behind all of our mental and physical functions. Our overall health and wellbeing are directly tied to how much our life force energy can flow in our system.

Imagine when you're falling in love or really excited about an upcoming project or creative pursuit. You lose your focus on food and sleep - you feel fortified and motivated without it. Where did that energy come from? Within you. That's your life force energy, and it was there all along.


When we fall out of alignment, our life force energy stops flowing, and we become energetically blocked. These blockages cut us off from our true essence.


That’s when we “don’t feel like ourselves” and start experiencing physical pain, emotional heaviness, anxiety, inertia, negative thought patterns, stress, and so much more.


In your Kundalini Activation session, I will create a high frequency vortex of energy. The more you let go, the more your own energetic system will activate and attune to that frequency.

To feel your own energy flowing, shifting and aligning is to feel completely alive. When you're empowered by your own life force energy, you embody infinity.

Kundalini Activation sessions are safe and tested. It is your own energetic system responding, so it will only give you as much as you can handle.

A small percentage of people do not feel or perceive anything in their first session. The energy is always working, but those individuals may need a few session to open up. 

If you have doubts about if Kundalini Activation is right for you or about the energetic nature of this work, or if you have any pre-existing medical conditions (i.e. epilepsy), please consult your doctor before joining and contact me before signing up.

Is this safe? Will it work for me?

Be honest: is this some woo-woo nonsense? 

I get it. I have a non-"woo" background and went into my first Kundalini Activation as a skeptic. But I remained open and curious, and this practice revealed a world beyond anything I previously knew to be possible.

I now know the human body is much more than just the physical, as it extends to our subtle body (our energy field, aura, and chakras). When issues or blockages arises in our energetic field, they're invisible to the human eye, so they're usually ignored and difficult to diagnose.


Kundalini Activation is a tried and true energetic healing modality based on ancient texts, wisdom, and practices. It's a path of attaining inner healing through surrender, trust, and just "being."


If you feel open to the experience, meet me on your yoga mat. You close your eyes and let go, and I will do the rest. Then you can decide about the practice yourself!

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