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Hi. I'm Ruth!

I am a qualified Aliveness Kundalini Activation facilitator, and I’m passionate about helping my clients live fuller lives and realize their full potential through awakening their Kundalini life force energy. 


I went into my first Kundalini activation with few expectations. At the time, I was a corporate lawyer with an Ivy-League background, so when a friend recommended I try it, you can imagine my skepticism. But my first experience was intense, visceral, and transformative; the power of the activation and energy was undeniable.


After my first session, I became hyper aware of just how little we know about how the universe works. So, alongside my continuing Kundalini Activation practice, I enrolled in a PhD program to study these universal mysteries. My PhD research focuses on how big spiritual experiences impact people's lives over time.


Suffice to say, Kundalini Activation changed my life.


As a facilitator, I now get to relive the humbling wonder and awe I felt in my first session every time I hold space for others. I love to watch clients recognize their power and transform through the magic of Kundalini Activation. A healthy blend of practical and spiritual support lies at the core of my sessions. Yes, we are "spiritual beings have a human experience", as the saying goes! But I believe we must have our feet comfortably in both worlds, the spiritual and practical, to achieve the balance and inner peace we are after.


And that is what I hope to offer you.


I'm excited to work with people who are committed to releasing what holds them back and becoming the truest and freest version of themselves. If that's you, please join me for a session in person or online.


I am so looking forward to working with you. ♡

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